Classic Chess

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Welcome to Classic Chess

We are different!.. ask us why!?

We have no timers.

You are able to create a game, leave the game, log in a day later. Your game and your human opponent will be waiting for you! (Unless one of you cancel the game).

You are able to select your game from a list of annotated hosted games. Check you opponents stats from above & make a descision if the battle is worth it or not!.

You will receive email notifications when an opponent joins your game and whenever one of you makes a move!.

You are able to resume your game iether via an email link sent to your private account or via our menu option on the Classic Chess website above!.

You may optionaly compare your wins, losses & draws against your opponents overall scores!.

No plugin installations!.

Play across different platform using smart phones, tablets, desktop & facebook apps!.

No Premium fee!.

We may show only minimal advertising in the future on desktop versions of the client only!.

We do not bother you with irritating sound effects. Rather, the screen fades in and out as an indication of your opponents action!.

You have the ability to take as many moves back as you wish!.

We have a great live notification system.

If you cancel a game you do not lose points even if the opponent is near victory!.

And in conclusion you can even chat with or invite players from twitter & facebook or as your own avatar!.

We have introduced leader boards!!

Classic Chess is a mobile chess website. It does not rely on any plugins

Register with us and play a game against real opponents!

Take a look at the info screen for a list of current plans and features

Please remember to like us at the top of this screen!